dBpowerAMP, the ideal converter

Note to all those who need to convert “neatly and easily ” many files from any format to 128k MP3 (the format required for uploading to the RadioManager): dBPowerAMP, the Rolls Royce of converters, has recently released its version 16.5. It fixes some bugs in previous versions and offers some additional features.

 It will cost you 34 euros, but it is ideal to convert (and tag) correctly and quickly all your titles whether you have a PC or a Mac. “It is particularly useful to guarantee exactly the same volume for all the tracks and erase the silences,” as Andre Teunissen, who used it for a large part of the 1470s on the Deep Dance Radio playlist, points out.

 It is, of course, a (small) investment, but it is a considerable time-saving tool and a guarantee of having perfectly converted files.

 The link to download dBpowerAMP