Cooking, home, automobiles, travel… Our original talk radio ideas!

2In the web radio universe, everything is possible! The most unusual formats are authorized. In the music realm, a lot of things have been created and the competition is fierce. Most of the music trends have been explored for which the streaming platforms propose an unlimited selection.

On the other hand, radio is not only about music, it is above all about voice, talk, and sharing information… and in this domain there is a lot left to explore, there are so many possibilities. Creating a talk radio is not so difficult. Here’s why:

  • You’re not obligated to create hours and hours of talk radio every day, anywhere from 60 or even 30 minutes multicasted every day could be enough (your radio’s purpose is not to be listened to continuously)
  • Radionomy’s RadioManager is very practical to broadcast talk radio, there is the possibility to easily integrate your podcasts (it can last up to 15 minutes per episode)
  • Thanks to Radio Manager, you will be able to pre-record content, according to the theme of your talk radio (as long as your radio isn’t connected to the current affairs), and pre-program them up to a month in advance

Otherwise said, having a talk radio program doesn’t mean that you need to be live and on the microphone with guests 24/7. You should really try out a talk web radio. Why not start today by creating it on Radionomy; it’s completely free!

Here are four original talk radio ideas:


  1. A radio about… food and cooking

Does cooking interest you? Perfect! it’s one of the domains that most consumers, no matter the country, is passionate about. Your options are endless, you can interview restaurant owners, the chefs, farmers, talk about recipes and share helpful advice from those who are also passionate about food. Your listeners will be happy to hear tips and tricks on how to prepare the best pizza or the best barbeque; as well as the best places to eat in a specific city. In short, the subjects are endless.


  1. A radio about… the home and gardening

Just like cooking, DIY projects and gardening or decorating are subjects that people are passionate about. Just because it is part of our daily lives. Whether we are in the countryside or in a big city we all need information about the best drill, closet, lawnmower etc… It’s easy to find experts in these areas or even create a partnership with various companies in the industry. There are so many things you can do.


  1. A radio about… cars

Once again a subject that is part of our daily lives. How to correctly choose your car. New or used? How do I do the maintenance myself? What are the latest trends? Etc… Automobiles are a large part of a group of consumer’s everyday lives, they will be happy to connect to your radio for a few minutes to have this information, specific advice or even answers to questions they ask themselves. Car dealers, passionate mechanics, heads of auto clubs or of road safety… There are many people in this area that are easy to meet and interview! It’s all up to you!


  1. A radio about… going on vacation

How to have a successful vacation. Which country to visit? What’s the budget? What is the best website to reserve a hotel? Which flight should I choose? There are many questions about vacations and tourism to be answered. Tourism boards, airline companies, reservation start-ups will be happy to participate in your web radio project. All of which can be accompanied by a nice sunny playlist.

Two important things:

Don’t hesitate to make your programs available on demand through your podcast site; that will give you an advantage.

Make sure to write an article for each of your programs in order to help facilitate a Google reference of your site

It’s up to you to go on this new adventure and to prove that not only music can be successful on webradio.