Classic Long Island Radio: the musical gems of the 60s and 70s

Radio has always been a part of David Doerrier’s life, first as a young man on Long Island, then as a member of the US Air Force, including hosting a station on Guam Island (K57 AM) and now through Classic Long Island Radio. He answered our questions.

David, tell us about the creation of Classic Long Island Radio…

 A family member introduced me to Radionomy and his station that he had created.  I started voicing some jingles and promotions for his station and realized that I could start my own – which is what I did in Jan 2015. At the time I had a large collection of music from 1970-76 and started the station with only songs from that time period.

What makes Classic Long Island Radio a unique station?

I believe my station has been unique from the beginning because I focused on a specific time frame.  When I first started the station, I played only hits from 1970-76.  Since then the station has changed into what it is today playing music from the ’60s and ’70s with lots of deep cuts and artists that may not have been popular or heard on the radio during that time.  I also do a lot of research looking for artists from the time period that I have never heard of. The songs have to meet my strict ear – If I like the song – it gets on the air.

Why this name Classic Long Island Radio?

 I grew up on Long Island in NY (born 1956 and moved away to join military after graduating HS in 1975), and radio played an important part in my life growing up.  I was always listening and was fascinated with it and wanted to find a way to be on the radio at some point. Long story short – I finally was able to be on the air starting in the early ’80s at a station on Guam – K57 Agana Guam.  Radio was then a part of my life for the next 12 years. Today I’m a VO artist for eLearning and training modules.(

David Doerrier is now doing voiceover for e-learning modules. But his real passion remains radio.

How do you explain the success of Classic Long Island Radio?

 I listen to my station all the time, and I’m constantly tweaking it. Adding/removing songs, setting the into and outro fades, so the music is tight and making sure the tempo of each song is set correctly (Slow, Medium, Fast)The playlist is also very large with 2349 tracks not counting the 91fillers. The station is dedicated to a specific genre, on a particular period of time. I don’t think we should try to play everything for everyone. You have to target and choose. In addition, I have adjusted my advertising screens so that I have 45 minutes of music without interruption. This gives a long block of music during each hour. The goal is to broadcast as much music as possible and very little talk.

Thank you, David and congratulations again on your success!