Christmas Carols Radio: the magic of Christmas carols

For the 4th consecutive Christmas, Reverend Ben Vane, from St Thomas Oakwood Parish in London, offers us his selection of Christmas carols on Christmas Carols Radio. Year after year, success is constant. “It’s because we have chosen our musical niche very well and we stick to it,” he explains. We saw that there were many radios on the Christmas theme throughout the world. But none of them broadcast traditional Christmas carols, performed by choirs. We have tapped into this niche.

“We found a niche that no one else is serving and we’ve provided a very narrow offering that only serves that niche, but does it very well. We’ve not tried to play all kinds of music, just one kind, and to do it really well.”

Reverend Ben Vane and his wife

Ben Vane goes quite far in the analysis of his audience. “So we have two audiences – choir lovers and Christmas lovers. We know we have to serve both so we try to be as mainstream as we can, for the Christmas lovers, but with occasional ‘spice’ carols that are a little bit different for the choir lovers.”

But Christmas Carols Radio is more than just a musical platform. Beyond the obvious spiritual side, Ben Vane also wants to embody his radio: “Make your own personality come through by using links or recorded promos so your audience can relate to a person, not just a format.”

Every quarter of an hour, the reverend’s very radiophonic voice echoes the musical programming for a 30-second intervention, proving more than ever that Christmas Carols Radio is not just a simple playlist of Christmas carols but a true accomplished thematic radio.

The traditional soundtrack to your 2018 Christmas celebrations!