Carl Marcucci: “Shoutcast makes it easy”

This American producer migrated his radio from Radionomy to Shoutcast last spring. Several months later, everything is working very well for The Indie Blend.

A radio station broadcasting the best of independent music… The Indie Blend perfectly fulfils its mission. Carl Marcucci created it on Radionomy before transferring it last spring to Shoutcast, through the proposed migration solution for US radios at that time.

Carl Marcucci is delighted to use Shoutcast for his radio The Indie Blend

Of course everything went perfectly, “without a hitch,” he says. And a few months later, Carl is delighted with this migration. “Shoutcast makes it easier,” he explains, while the move to Shoutcast, which has many partner platforms, has enabled him to gain more listeners. “And I love the board that shows the audience in real time.”

Carl spends a lot of time programming his radio. He is on the lookout for the slightest track that would appeal to his ears and Shazam thus works very often. With Shoutcast, he has found the ideal tool to broadcast his finds.