Cap enragé, An agency’s web radio!

How do you promote your artists when you yourself are an agent? Dominique Guillier found a good answer to this question by creating… his own source of media. At the end of 2016, he launched Radio Cap enragé. He answered some of our questions.

Hello Dominique, why did you create Cap Enragé radio?

The idea for the radio came because I wished I could broadcast the artists we represent in our agency. It is, indeed, very difficult for emerging talent to be heard.
Being an amateur in terms of web radio, I researched the different possibilities out there, which naturally led me to Radionomy, and it is likely that without the relative simplicity to operate and the fact radionomy is free, I would have abandoned the idea; since being an agent is already very time-consuming.

Where does your radio’s name come from?

The station’s name is the name of the agency and it comes in part from a place in Canada and from a song by Zachary Richard who did the honor of sponsoring my agency.

What type of music do you play?
It is most of all the agency’s artists, we have the desire to make others hear or rehear the talents that we like. He offer a variety of genres. In addition, our radio is also a platform for young artists, they send their music to me so that our listeners can discover them.
Our musical choices are very eclectic, ranging from blues to rock, French songs, jazz or Cajun music with artists such as Bill Deraime, Suroît, Pollyanna or the WhO is WhO…

Thank you Dominique!