Build a smooth and pleasant music program

Building a music program, we have already talked about it regularly on this blog, is far from being an exact science, and not always a pleasure even if you are a true radio and music fan. To retain your listener with your musical programming, you should respect the double principle, a little contradictory, which consists of never shocking your listeners’ ears and at the same time, never tiring them.

A real puzzle, some may say, but by following three simple principles, it is possible to build a smooth and enjoyable program that your listeners will love to hear throughout the evening.

The first principle is to keep as much as possible the promise of your radio’s name or slogan. If you announce in the name of your radio station that you are broadcasting Indie rock, keep your commitment and broadcast only Indie rock. Your listeners have connected to your feed to hear this music style, don’t give them anything else!

The second principle is to offer the widest possible playlist, while respecting the musical genre announced, limit the too strong rotations, it reminds too much of the “tube hitting” programming of many FM radios. Web radio is all about diversity and innovation, play this card to the max. 

Finally, the third principle is to play on time. It is important to avoid linking two tracks with a completely different tempo.

Here is a little tip to avoid this: on the RadioManager, it is possible to classify the titles in different trays according to their BPM (beat per minute): just click on the BPM criteria to see the titles classified in increasing or decreasing order according to this filter.

You can, therefore, create a BPM 50 to 70, a BPM 70 to 90, a BPM 90 to 110, etc…

In the clock, the trays can, therefore, be linked progressively:

BPM 50 to 70

BPM 70 to 90

BPM 90 to 110

BPM 90 to 110 BPM

70 to 90

BPM 50 to 70 etc…

This order of broadcasting in the clock allows you to choose your musical tempo, to make it evolve over the day and above all never to go from a slow song to a fast song. Everything is progressive. The rhythm changes but never all at once. Thus, the listener is neither shocked nor tired.