: a site for reference

This is a handy tool for developing your programming, is the absolute reference (especially in the United States) for title rankings in many music genres. This will help you considerably in managing the distribution of your titles.

 But why is it a reference? First of all, because of its history. The first issue of Billboard, which is historically a magazine, was published on November 1, 1894, in Cincinnati, Ohio, by William Donaldson and James Hennegan. As Wikipedia points out, Billboard magazine originally covered carnivals, but the focus on music grew to such an extent that it specialized in the 1950s. Since 1958, the Billboard Hot 100’s ranking has been calculated based on singles sales and the frequency of their radio broadcast.

 In recent years, the rankings have multiplied, in each musical genre (Pop, Latin, rock, country, etc…). With even a web ranking indicating, among other things, the most popular titles on Youtube.

 An excellent tool for all programmers!