ABC Dance: the ideal soundtrack for your summer evenings

The long and beautiful summer evenings are coming in a few weeks. And to accompany cocktails and sunsets, this radio looks particularly appropriate. A dance program, which will give real energy to your nights under the stars. José, the creator of the ABC Dance bouquet (which also includes Ambient & Lounge, ABC Disco Funk, ABC Dance Gold, ABC Dance Reggaeton, ABC Dance House, ABC Dance Hits) has been running this radio station with passion for several years in Dreux. He kindly gave us some details about the management of the flagship radio of his bouquet.

“The music database includes 581 titles classified in the music boxes Hits Forts, Hits Faibles, Nouveautés Forts, Nouveautés faibles, Golds, Récurrents. I also have a tray that I called “Frigo” for the titles that I have just released from the programming but that can eventually be released later,” explains José.

“Concerning the clocks, there are three different ones for the day that allows different rotations depending on whether it is morning, afternoon or evening. In the evening, from 9 pm onwards, the clock new hits only includes only new features. There is a jingle for both tracks. I have a Day template for each day of the week that I renew if I have added a new one. Otherwise, I generate my schedule every two weeks,” concludes José, delighted to share the back office of his main digital radio.