A wide range of music on Urban’Z

Forty-four year old Franck from Brittany (France) introduces us to Urban’Z radio, one of the radios from the Zyvaprod group. His goal is to show his listeners all types of urban music.

Why did you create Urban’Z? 

First of all, it was for personal reasons, I had enough of listening to the same songs on classic FM radios, so I decided to create my own radio with the music I liked. I heard about Radionomy simply by searching for the basics on running a web radio. It is a tool that really simplifies generating your own online radio.

What is the concept of Urban’Z?

Urban’Z Radio is a web radio that follows hip hop, soul, funk, R ‘n’ B, reggae, and world music trends. It is part of the Zyvaprod radio group. Urban’Z Radio is a way for listeners to discover the urban music universe. With this, we are looking to provide a radio which covers all genres of music: Pop-Rock (with our radio The Rocker’Z Radio), Urban/Hiphop/soul/raggae/jazz (with Urban’Z Radio) / Electro/Deephouse/Lounge (with Deepsound’Z Station)

What kind of musical niche does this station provide? 

It is currently actively followed by young people, we want them to discover old school artists as well as the classic funk, or jazz songs. Urban’Z also plays more current and trending playlists.

How do you compose your programming? 

We have programmed playlists by genre that we broadcast throughout the day. These playlists are called Urban US, Urban RnB, Urban Funk, Urban Street, Urban Night, Urban reggae, etc.

Can you name some of the artists and titles that are symbolic of this program? 

It goes from Onyx to Dr. Dre for rap from the US, from Aretha Franklin to George Benson and Cerrone for funk, from Jul, Romeo Elvis to Assassin for French rap, Harry Connick Jr. to Alex Combelle and Amy Winehouse for jazz and soul, from The Aggrovators to Kassav to World Raggae, etc. We try to add new tracks regularly in order to expand our offering and not always play the same songs.

How much time do you spend managing your radio station every week? 

We spend about 2 to 3 hours per week on radio stations in the group Zyvaprod in order to renew the playlists, prepare the event broadcasts (mainly on ZyvaRadio), and look for partners and other podcasts to broadcast.

What do you see for the future?

The content is there, the style of the radio is set, today we are clearly lacking visibility on the internet, we lack a personalization of the radio station (using jingles, sweepers and other elements), a mobile application (in development with Nobex) but since we have several web radios in the Zyvaprod group (ZyvaRadio, The Rocker’Z Radio, Deepsound’Z Station and Urban’Z radio), it is difficult to bring them all together.

Can you tell us a few words about yourself?

My name is Frank, I am 44 years old and I’m a fan of Hip Hop (but I’m also a fan of all kinds of music). I live in Brittany near Perros-Guirec, but I’m originally from Paris. I work in sales. In my youth, I was part of an amateur computer team that distributed a fanatic magazine on floppy disks: Crack’NRom for Amstrad CPC. I’ve always been a fan of music and computers.