7 tips to keep in touch with your listeners

Keeping in contact with your listeners when they aren’t connected to your feed is essential. To develop your brand, your values, and to creating a strong link between you and your listeners it is necessary to effectively communicate with them even when they’re not listening to your station. It allows you to connect with them more often and create loyalty.

The newsletter

The newsletter is an excellent means to remind your followers of your station. How can it be done? First of all, it is advised to create a complete email database of your listeners. Ideally you should install an email subscription pop-up window asking the listener to register to your site. You will find a few templates, for a wordpress site, in this article.

All you have left to do is create the content in your email. What content should I send?

You have several possibilities:

-News connected to the musical theme of your radio station (new albums, new concerts)

-Announcing a special broadcast/ or special event on your station

-Featured interview


Ideally when creating a newsletter email there should be the title of the article and the first few sentences as a link that will then redirect the reader to the complete article on your site.

Don’t overdo it, you risk annoying your auditors. A weekly mailing is advised.

Your Facebook page 

 With two billion users in the world that connect for an average of about 10-15 hours a month (figure vary according to studies), Facebook remains number 1 in the social network arena. Multiply your facebooks posts, may they be funny, unusual or informative this will keep you relevant with your users. In another newsletter, we will explain how to certify your account.


Even if it has les user than facebook, twitter remains a social network must. News posted in Twitter is considered key. It only takes a few seconds to post, if done consistently it can be highly effective. Don’t hesitate to quote and tag artists’ twitter accounts, it will let them know that a tweet concerning them exists and it will incite them to re-tweet you.

Photos on instagram 

The social network that specializes in images (which belonngs to facebook) collects 500 million user a day! Post photo of the behind the scenes of your radio, the making of your interviews/events/partnerships. Advice: post your own pictures; it will develop your identity. Avoid posting from another source even if they seem very beautiful to you.

Presence on forums 

Remain active on some forums that correspond to the theme of your radio. Not for advertising your radio, but to bring it up from time to time. Stay credible in your comments, avoid copy and pasting from one forum to the other, reader will clearly see what is happening.

Create partnerships and host events 

Try to be present where your listeners are! A festival? A conference? A concert? Target one or two events throughout the year and physically go meet your listeners, it will be the best way to create a relationship.

Push Notifications

A number of smartphone and tablet Apps provide push notification services (a service which unfortunately can be at an additional cost). These notifications can be particularly effective to inform your listeners, in real time, what your station is broadcasting. For example a push notification would send this type of mesage, “Currently playing, direct from the jazz festival”, at the beginning of the broadcast.

There you have it, now you know everything!

It can be difficult to put these seven tips into practice, so choose one or two and test them overtime. This will eventually enhance the image of your radio and create a buzz with your audience.