2018 to be a record year for digital ads

Ads, especially digital is doing great, as indicated on The Online Ad Revenue Index; an index that is published daily by Ezoic (in partnership with Google). They aggregate the total revenue generated by digital ads, a category in which the digital ads on our radio that are marketed by TargetSpot, belong to.

More and more advertisers are quitting traditional media (print, FM radio, Tv) to invest in digital. “We are seeing a really opportune time for digital publishers,” said Ezoic’s head of marketing, Tyler Bishop. “This year, the Index set a record high in May, then again in June. In past years, the Index only saw records broken on Black Friday (Late November)… I think we’ll see this record rise in ad rates continue through the end of the year” Bishop finishes confidently.

A trend that validates, more than ever, that digital radio is seducing more and more advertisers. There are is a bright future ahead of us.