10 steps to growing your radio’s audience with Instagram

There you have it, Instagram has now over 1 billion users! This accomplishment is a symbolic win which shows the influence of this social media platform. It is now three times bigger than Twitter. In a social media strategy, it is impossible for any other platform to take Instagram’s place, even if it can seem paradoxical for audio media to lean on a social network which dedicates itself to images and video. In any case, you need Instagram to gain more notoriety that is why in this article the radionomy blog will guide you in how to do it.

1.Create a polished account under your radio’s name
If you don’t have one, you need to create an Instagram account for your station. Subscribing only takes a few minutes! Just put your radio’s logo as the profile picture, some information about your radio in the description, and you’re all set to go!

2.Produce and have content produced for you
To give life to your radio’s Instagram account, you will need to get used to creating content, photos, and videos that have to do with your radio. It can be the behind the scenes of your show, interviews, original images of the hosts, and pictures of the studio, places or concerts with which you have created partnerships… you can post everything on Instagram! To post regularly you need to get used to creating original content daily, you or your team can produce it.

3.Curate your account
On Instagram you are not obligated to post your photos, go through the latest updates of well-known artists, find beautiful images of them; images that create a buzz, look for useful information that will engage your followers and will help you with the Instagram algorithm. Curated posts can represent 30% of your Instagram publications.

4.Posting regularly
Three posts per week minimum will help you beat the Instagram algorithm. Do you think that’s not enough? It is best to post three times a week for six months, rather than two times a day for 15 days; you risk not keeping up and quitting easily. Instagram’s algorithm hates significant changes in posting frequencies.

5. Choosing the best hashtags
Hashtags are words or labels that you put at the end of your post descriptions (or quite often one of the first comments) they indicate what you are talking about and users that are interested in your theme will identify your radio.

How many should I add ? 5 or 10 maximum.

Which hashtags should I use? You should use a couple of known hashtags (#classicrock #concert #jazz #dance etc.) to define the theme in general. Next, you should choose a few others that are more precise, and on target, For example, you can create hashtags using the name of your show, etc. as we’ve mentioned before, we recommend that you post it as the first comment (and not in the description)

6. Use Later
Later is an excellent tool for programming your Instagram posts. Later allows you to program all of your publications throughout various days easily, this helps you to keep a regular posting schedule, you save time and don’t forget to post.

7.Interact with your community
Like Facebook, which by the way is now the owner, Instagram modified its algorithm at the beginning of the year. What is the objective? To showcase the most active accounts that engage with their community (comments, likes). One of the first things you should do is follow a certain amount of accounts that have a connection to your radio’s theme and interact with them. Like and comment on their posts (posting a simple emoji), ask questions and respond to the comments of others. The more active you are, the more visibility your posts will receive. Also be more active and follow up on your posts respond to comments and multiply your interaction. Instagram can penalize you if you don’t reply to a comment within 60 minutes. Another critical number: when you post Instagram presents your photo or video to 10% of your audience. If this 10% engage quickly with your account, Instagram will display your post to other followers. If it doesn’t raise interest, then Instagram will consider that the post isn’t impressive.

8. Sort out your followers as well as those you follow
After a few weeks of use, you will have new followers as well as accounts that you will follow. Don’t hesitate to sort them out because:
Among the accounts, you’ve subscribed to delete those that pollute your feed
Among the followers remove the robot followers, they are fake followers
IG cleaner is a good app for this.

9. Do some stories

What is a story? It is a recent feature that allows you to post content that will last only 24 hours opposed to traditional posts that will always appear unless you delete them. Users adore this feature since the material they publish is more anecdotal and less curated compared to classic posts. The more stories you post, the more real the interaction with your community is. Multiply them!

10. Share your posts on other social media platforms
Instagram allows you to easily share your posts (and your stories) directly to your other social media platforms, especially Facebook. Sharing through Instagram is very practical because it allows to save time and be more efficient. Don’t hesitate to do it systematically.
Here you have the ten steps. It is up to you to use them and gain a maximum amount of followers and exposure on Instagram. Those steps won’t necessarily help grow your listeners in the short term, but it will positively influence the exposure of your radio to your target audience in the long run. It is, therefore, crucial to make Instagram a vital tool in the development of your programming.