10 ideas to keep your listeners listening longer

When you look for ways to increase your audience, you logically think about the number of listeners. The more listeners, the better, of course. But the audience of our web radios is mainly measured in terms of streamed hours. In other words, what matters is the total number of hours listened to, regardless of the number of listeners.

In a day, if you have 150 listeners who have each listened to your radio for 1 hour, your audience will be 150 hours. If you only had 75 listeners, but each of them listened to your radio for two hours, your audience will also be 150 hours on that day.

 Thus, one way to increase your audience may be to keep your listener on the air as long as possible. For this, there are several solutions, which we will discuss in this article.

1. A diverse but coherent musical program

Music is the most essential asset for keeping the listener connected. The programme must be both varied, i.e., with a large number of playlist titles and consistent with the editorial approach, the musical style of the radio. If you surprise your listeners too often, they will leave quickly enough; if you tire them with a too repetitive program, they will also leave. It’s up to you to find the right balance.

2. Homogeneous and minimally intrusive jingles

Consistent with each other, but also respectful of your editorial approach, the jingles must accompany the listener without rushing him. They should serve as a transition without marking any break in your musical tone. We must avoid jingles that are too intrusive, too repetitive, let’s leave it up to FM radios that are lacking / need to be recognized.

3. Well-groomed intros and extro advertising

 Advertising is an essential part of your program. The way you introduce a display, smoothly, will condition the listener to stay for the next few commercial messages. So take care of your intro ad. It must be unique, real but very brief. As for the extro, here again, it must be discreet.

4. Talk but not too much

We have already written about it on this blog, talk sessions are far from being prohibited, even on musical web radio. The talk ensures a human presence on the air, allows you to build your tone, to print your brand, to create a link. However, do not abuse it.

5. A warm and positive tone

Do you want your listeners to stay? So don’t undermine their morale. Leave this mission to the competition. Give positive information, contrast with other media,… In short, reassure your listeners, they will want to listen to you for a long time to come.

6. Tease regularly

Do you want your listeners to stay or come back often? Then sell them your programs. Without overwhelming them with self-promo messages, tell them what will happen in 30 minutes, in two hours or tonight! Remind them of appointments, shows, playlists not to be missed. Some will follow your advice, and you will save additional listening time

7. Time Signals

To help your listeners get the rhythm of their day, there’s nothing better than time signals. Of course, there are time zones, different countries. It is up to you to make choices, to give, for example, the time of different time zones in the same signal. The important thing is to accompany your listeners hour by hour, during, perhaps even, their workday.

8. Interactivity

Social networks exist so use them to keep your listeners. Play the interactivity card by being involved on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Answer questions, comment, post… anything that connects your listeners to your brand will help you build audience loyalty.

9. Help your listeners

Why would your listeners disconnect if they know that by listening to you, they will regularly get advice that will improve their daily lives. Practical information, outings, exhibitions, movies, TV, etc…. Sprinkle your program with small practical tips (without overdoing it, of course); it will undoubtedly be well received.

10. Make your radio a reference in its field

This is the most obvious advice but at the same time the most difficult objective to achieve. The more credible your radio is in its field, in its musical genre, the more listeners it will have who will stay there for a long time and come back very often. In other words, be useful in your niche, credible to your target audience, no matter how small, this will make your radio a reference to listen to as often as possible!