10 essential tips to make a success of your radio on Radionomy

Creating a radio on Radionomy is a fascinating challenge and is… totally free! With Radionomy, you will be able to imagine, program, and broadcast your radio with your own musical choices, jingles, shows… Do you want to embark on the adventure? Here are ten practical and essential tips that will be very useful to you.

1. Choose the right name for the radio

The name of the radio is critical. The best thing is that thanks to this name, we understand (directly or indirectly) the program that your radio broadcasts. In a very competitive world, faced with thousands of other web radios, it is better to say what you broadcast in the name of your radio, it is the simplest.

2. Have a “readable” and original concept

A web radio station will stand out and attract attention if its concept is both original and easy to understand. The talk program and/or music you broadcast should be evident from the first few seconds of listening to the radio. Don’t do a double concept! If you have two distinct ideas, simply create two radios! On Radionomy, you can create as many radios as you want.

3. Gather a large playlist

The composition of your music database is fundamental. All these tracks (you can upload 1000 at the beginning, then 3000 when your radio has a confirmed status) will define the musical tone of your radio, its identity. Make sure to tag (track and artist) your mp3 (128k) before uploading them.

4. Rank your tracks correctly

You will upload your tracks into music bins. To facilitate your filing and programming, here are four bin ideas:


High rotation

Low rotation

New products

This will make it very easy to compose your clocks, whose objective is to determine how often you assign the bins to each other.

5. Take care of the mixing points

Very important! Very important! To ensure that your tracks follow one another perfectly, you absolutely must take care of the mix points. What is it, and how to do it? Read this article on the board to learn more.

6. Create about ten jingles

Jingles are also very important. They also determine who you are. They must be coherent with each other (two different views at most, same sound chart) but also consistent with your musical program (same tempo, same color, etc…). For more help, you can read this article.

7. Take an interest in your logo

Many sites now allow you to create a logo at little or no cost. The visual identity of your radio is significant. It must reflect your brand, your style. Feel free to spend time there, to make several tests to choose the best logo.

8. Have a website and an app

This is also crucial. But it takes time and sometimes costs a little money. Once your radio starts broadcasting and the program suits you, make a straightforward site (with WordPress, it’s quite easy, and we give you some ideas in this article), but also an app (just read this article). In the meantime, know that your radio is automatically present on the radionomy.com website and our mobile app.

9. Social networks!!!!!

Today, they are essential to building the reputation of your radio. We have written several articles on this subject.

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10. Read and participate in the board

Register, read, and participate in our board, this good old forum where producers meet to exchange, share their tips, and get a lot of information. An essential asset to help your radio grow!