10 essential steps to creating a successful online radio station in 2018

At the beginning of the 2010s, with the launch of Radionomy, digital radios came to fill-in the gaps of what was missing in FM radio. They broke the rules, developed new musical formats that work wonderfully a well as the creation of niches. Digital radio has shifted the well-established universe of traditional radio, renewing what radio has to offer and leading it into a new era. What a beautiful success story.


Today the online radio universe has reached a sort of point or peak. Though not everything has been invented (luckily), a lot of ideas have been exploited and having a successful online radio project in 2018 is quite different from what it was in 2010.


The “best practice” to succeed has changed. About 10 years ago, listing your radio on Itunes and having the name tart by the letter A (to be on the top of the list!) was enough to reach an audience. Today, Itunes doesn’t accept any new radios to its directory, and it doesn’t have a real audience base anymore.


The original ideas, the concept, originality, in relation to a lot of promotional effort are from now on real necessities to build and succeed in your online radio project.


  1. The concept

Radionomy provides the technical aspect (creation, broadcasting, automation etc…) completely free, thanks to RadioManager! You only need to dedicate yourself to the content of your radio. A good working radio is before anything else a clear concept that speaks to the listener right away. A concept, unlike what was current a few years ago, is not only a style of music. For example, today, creating a jazz online radio isn’t enough to stick out from the rest. You need to associate it with additional features (jazz festival radio, jazz classics radio, jazz café etc…) that will build on its identity. The concept is sometimes specific, sometimes artificial but that will define your radio.


  1. The name

Your radio’s name will come directly from your concept. The name should indicate, in one or two words, the concept of your radio. Should it have the type of music that you will broadcast? (ex. Hard Rock Radio). It’s no longer an obligation. But it should at least imply it. Ex: Final Countdown Radio (European hits from the 80s), for a hard rock radio…


  1. The Brand

So that your radio is more than a musical stream, it needs to become a trusted brand amongst your listeners. The brand corresponds to your radio’s values. You can have many values.  Here are a few examples: closeness, seriousness, respect for the listener, diversity and regular renewal of the program, quality presenters, rigorous information, humor, offset tone, second degree etc…


  1. The music program

It should be adequate to the concept, name, and brand. Your program should respect the promises made through the name of your radio, it should inspire the listener. You need to distinguish between two things:


The type of music that you broadcast and the way that you program it

The type of music broadcast is rather obvious with regard to the concept and to the name of your radio. On the other hand, there are many ways to program: a very wide or narrow playlist, heavy rotation of certain tracks/artists to create a specific identity, updating the playlist more or less often etc… It’s up to you to build the program that best corresponds to your concept.


  1. The Logo

It is very important since it identifies your online radio graphically. 10 year ago it was quite difficult to create a nice looking logo, today there are many websites that help create logos that really simplifies this task. Don’t hesitate to spend a few Euros (some sites have a fee but offer this service). Having nice logo plays a big role in the credibility of your radio.


  1. The on-air look program of your antenna

If the logo identifies your station visually, the jingles make it so that we can identify the sound of your radio. They should also be prepared with a lot of care. Whether you decide to do it yourself (with audacity and time it’s possible!) or have it made by a professional like musicradiocreative.com or Def Studio, make sure to have a dozen that is coherent (same voice etc..).


  1. The website and app

We aren’t able to describe in few sentences how to successfully create an app or a site, we just want to point out that, just like the logo, they should respect the visual identity as well as represent your concept and brand. A good site can be made through WordPress, and an app through Nobex.


  1. Referencing

It’s obvious that a radio is nothing without referencing its flux and its site. We will get into this tedious but very necessary subject in more detail very soon on the blog


  1. Social media, most potent marketing tool

Whether it’s facebook, twitter, Instagram or Snapchat, today social media is the main marketing tool to ensure a good launch, just like the promo you will follow through with during the development of your radio. You should be active on all of these social media outlets, invite all of your friends to like your page as well as your radio account, post regularly and link it to your website and app, it’s an excellent way to gain listeners. 

  1. The “routine “ of functioning

If you would like that your radio has a long lifespan make sure that it doesn’t disrupt your life, but that it fits in perfectly. Otherwise said, schedule out the amount of time that you are going to dedicate to your radio so that you are able to manage your time, daily and in the long run. Time management and being organized are necessary in order to have a successful online radio project.