10 blogs to stay in touch with the music scene

Keeping in touch with music news is very important! Being aware of the latest news without going through websites that are too official (such as billboard) can sometimes give you a head start when you want to stay on top of your radio’s music programme. But how do you search without wasting too much time? Which blogs/sites should I visit regularly? The Good Life website made a selection a few months ago. The following is a summary.

It is one of the very first music sites. Its history certainly works in its favor, particularly in terms of credibility. It attracts more than 250,000 visitors per day and is based in Chicago. First specialized in independent music, he has become more and more generalist over the years. It also has its own festival.

DLSO for “Dance like Shaquille O’Neal” in reference to the American basketball player and his rather unusual steps. This Italian site deals not only with its national music but also international music news, with gems, often spotted well before anyone else.

Pigeons & Planes is specialized in black music, from soul to hip hop; its selections are almost perfect every time. News from the biggest stars and interviews with emerging artists. Are very useful.

This is the site for the Australian youth that is part of the ABC group. It includes interviews, playlists, and company articles. It’s an excellent way to immerse yourself in the culture of the millennials at the other end of the world.

On this site, we find artists from all over the world and millions of listeners/spectators, who discover several times a week, new talent found by this merry band of inspired hipsters. Really good for a program at the forefront of new releases.

A unique Indian site, a platform where everyone can share their modern covers of Indian standards. Not necessarily the most useful site, but if you want to surprise your listeners from time to time, that’s where you should go.

Why not become aware from time to time of South African culture, so multifaceted and cosmopolitan. This is what this site offers you in a very complete way.

Let’s take a little tour of Mexico, which is more than ever a land of music. This site, as its name suggests, is dedicated to independent music. It is one of the most influential musical media in the country.

IndieHoy is still an independent site that is based in Argentina. It mainly covers Latin American artist news but also pop culture and international stars. An interesting website to discover the musical culture seen from that continent.

Let’s finish with NTS, a gold mine for electro, hip hop and minimalist fans. High-quality articles and portraits of underground artists complete the picture. This very complete British site is a real reference.