010 Italo Disco, the passion of disco

0Ah the Italo Disco, a kitsch sound, filled with drum machines and synthesizers. Good old-fashioned electronic music from the 80s which, in recent years, has come to life, once again becoming a somewhat trendy musical genre. Dutchman Patrick Camphens wanted to surf on this trend by creating 010 Italo Disco in Rotterdam (010 is actually the phone codes main port).

” Music is my life,” says Patrick. And the Italo Disco genre, which is my favorite music, is back in style. The success of 010 Italo Disco is real and comes from the simplicity of the name and the fulfillment of its promise. “We have to be clear from the start about the music we’re going to play,” explains Patrick. And there aren’t that many radios that broadcast this kind of music.”

Hence an authentic audience that allows the radio to continue its quiet little life on the Radionomy platform. “Success doesn’t come by chance,” adds Patrick. You have to reference your radio, use social networks, etc…” and this regardless of the generation of listeners. “I think my listeners are about 50 years old. They were young in the 80s, and they still love this style of music. »

010 Italo Disco is for them!